Collaborate to Innovate

OpenDirective is dedicated to facilitating open innovation in accessibility and assistive technology by both developing software-based solutions and working with our clients to enable them to actively benefit from engaging in open development. We specialise in solutions for older users and their carers, especially those with dementia and related disabilities.

We enable developers of accessibility and assistive technology solutions to get the most benefit from open innovation, open development and open source.  We help our clients effectively collaborate with others, allowing them to concentrate on improving their unique value offerings, whilst sharing effort on core enabling technologies. This leads to the accelerated innovation in products and services that better meet the needs of users, their supporters and service providers while also getting research outcomes to market. 

Our core services are:
  • Development of open assistive technology software, especially HTML and portable technologies.
  • Advice on the technical aspects of accessibility and assistive technology.
  • Guidance in engaging with open source projects and improving project community interactions and commercial friendliness.
  • Running workshops such as the ATSummit at Mozilla's London Space which brought together leaders from accessibility companies and projects.
We are currently developing a product and service for people with dementia and their carers. This builds on the experience gained in developing the MAAVIS research prototype in partnership with the University of Sheffield ScHARR exploring how  people with dementia can access media and communications technology. Our business model is based on open project development in conjunction with a paid-for solution including hardware and support. We will be going public on this very soon.

EU projects
Part of our core activity is with key EU projects that aim to improve the experience of users of accessibility and AT. These are aligned with our product development objectives and service expertise. Cloud4All (and soon Prosperity4All) is working on providing an a public infrastructure for automatic personalisation of devices for accessibility needs. The thematic network ATIS4All is developing a European wide community of those involved in Assistive Technology.