Previous Projects

Keeping the Web open

It is vital that the Web remains open and accessible to everyone. Mozilla's mission is to ensure the web remains open to all. Using Mozilla products like Firefox and FirefoxOS allows you to contribute to that mission and do whatever you can to ensure the web remains open.

Open Directive works with Mozilla with accessibility in mind.


was created with a mission to introduce Computer Science students to accessibility and assistive technology software though the medium of organised competitions. Students get experience absent from most University curricula by work on exciting open source projects as part of a weekend SS12 hack-a-thon or a longer semester challenge.

Steve has been involved as a board member since the early days at USC, the subsequent expansion to more US campuses, the arrival of the finals at the prestigious CSUN conference, and now the rapidly growing SS12:EU European competition. The SS12:Asia is also developing well.

If you are interested in our activities as either a campus, a team, a sponsor or otherwise then please do get in contact.


Thematic network ATIS4All developing a European wide community of those involved in Assistive Technology.


OpenDirective are pleased to be part of the European Project consortium working on Cloud4All. Cloud4All is implementing key components of the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII), an ambitious project to enable automatic personalisation of devices for people's accessibility needs. OpenDirective's role is integrating their AT for people with limited digital literacy, Maavis, and work on parts of the core architecture.


OpenDirective where pleased to be part of the European Project consortium working on Prosperity4All. Prosperity4All develops the infrastructure and ecosystem that will allow for a ubiquitous auto-personalization of interfaces and materials, based on user needs and preferences, to grow (promote self-rewarding collaboration, reduce redundant development, lower costs, increase market reach and penetration internationally). It builds on the infrastructure provided by Cloud4All in order to create more parts of the GPII.